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Replacing an entire engine or getting the wrong part can be expensive and annoying. Our experienced and friendly staff will provide you with the expertise to find the best part you need that will keep your car lasting long.


We've been in the business for over

45 years to find the best solution for your car part problems.

Over 45 Years In Casper

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Waiting to get a replacement part for your car can be inconvenient and frustrating.


Place an order with us and your parts will arrive by the next day. We have most of the top brand name gaskets, fuel pumps and cold air filters in stock.


We'll order any part and have it shipped overnight to our store if it's not available.

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Support Casper's oldest locally-owned and operated speedshop and stop in to see our specials offered every month.


Make your car look new with our special promotions. Our expert team is all set to get your vehicle back to the road!


Reach us today to get quality auto parts and services.




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You can find all your brand name auto parts for a reasonable price.

Our experienced and friendly staff at Casper Auto Supply has the expertise to help you find the

best part to keep your car on the road.

Over 45 Years In Casper Next Day Service For Your Parts Monthly Specials Offered